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    08-10 2018

    Where is the Best Manufacturer of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire?

    The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire product is a kind of high-quality product formed by using high-quality steel wire as the most basic core material and high-quality aluminum winding wire as the o…

    08-06 2018

    What are the Transportation Steps for Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Manufacturers?

    The products of Gongyi Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Manufacturer are of good quality, are not easy to break and are not easy to draw, are durable, long-lasting and environmentally adaptable. The…

    08-04 2018

    Product Application of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire Manufacturer

    Gongyi steel core aluminum stranded wire manufacturer mainly produces single-layer and multi-layer reinforced steel core. The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire processed by the manufacturer is mainly…

    08-02 2018

    Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire Brings Convenience to People

    In order to transmit electricity from power station to every place where electricity is needed, the high-voltage power line is needed, which is the necessary means to carry out long-distance transmiss…

    07-30 2018

    How to Choose and Purchase Twisted-pair Wires

    Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional China Wire and Cable Manufacturers, mainly supply YC Rubber Sheathed Cable,YH Rubber Cable,RVV Cable,YJV Cable,Aluminium Conductor Steel Rei…

    07-23 2018

    The Importance of Steel Core Aluminum Strand Material

    In the process of power transmission in the power industry, steel-cored aluminum stranded wire can often play a very large role, and the company that specializes in producing this material is actually…

    07-20 2018

    What are the Advantages of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire?

    The steel core aluminum strand has the advantages of small rebound, high flexibility, good bending performance and easy terminal connection. Special formulation and heat treatment processes greatly re…

    07-17 2018

    How to Choose High Quality Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    How to select the high quality products when buy the steel core aluminum strands? It mainly depends on its brand and performance, before buying to know what the well-known brands of this material,what…

    07-12 2018

    Introduction of Breaking Tension of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

    Our company mainly produces aerial insulated wire, aluminum stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, steel stranded wire and other cable products, and there are many models and specifications…

    07-09 2018

    Detailed Explanation of Model Specification of Steel Core Aluminium Strand

    LGJ is the symbol of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, where L is the abbreviation of aluminum wire, G is the abbreviation of steel core, and J is the abbreviation of stranded wire.

    07-07 2018

    Material Selection of ACSR Should be Clearly Divided

    In the process of power transmission in the power industry, ACSR tends to play a very large role, and companies that specialize in ACSR are also very numerous. When you order, you must have a certain …

    07-02 2018

    Product Description of ACSR

    The ACSR is the main application variety in the main line of the power system of our country. In the future a long time, the steel core aluminum strand will still be the main product used in the power…

    06-29 2018

    Breakdown and Prevention of High Voltage Cables of Steel-cored Aluminum Stranded Wires

    Some accidents are due to the existence of tip, burr, impurity or moisture in the electric field. We can only analyze the possible causes of accidents from some superficial phenomena. By analyzing the…

    06-25 2018

    Production Requirements of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

    Steel core aluminum strands are widely used in many electric power systems. Do you know what requirements the ACSR has when they are manufactured? The wire rod used in the manufacture of steel strand …

    06-22 2018

    What is the Main Function of Steel Core Aluminium Strand?

    In the modern era of advanced science and technology, many industrial modernization facilities have appeared in our world, exist in our daily life, and the steel core aluminum strand is also the main …

    06-19 2018

    What is the Appearance Quality of ACSR?

    Steel core aluminum strand is a kind of steel wire which is made of multi-twisting in one-time according to its stipulation use the prepared steel wire on the machine. Steel strands have aluminum clad…

    06-15 2018

    The Design and Manufacture of ACSR

    The production of the wire and the twisting of the strand should be such that there is no obvious back-twist or loose strand after the wire is cut. The forming of the steel core should be done when th…

    06-11 2018

    Galvanized Steel Core Wire Products in ACSR

    The steel strands are made by twisting together the steel wire according to requirements and become stranded wires. Since the material is steel, it becomes a steel strand. Different types of steel str…

    06-08 2018

    ACSR Determines Its Quality Characteristics

    Spot supply of high-quality steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire For the current domestic steel-cored-aluminum-stranded wire, the content of its quality characteristics is determined in two aspects.

    06-04 2018

    The Analysis of Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminium Strand

    The galvanized steel wire for ACSR is an important metal material for the cable reinforcement core, which is mainly used in the overhead overhead transmission lines in the power industry. In recent ye…

    06-02 2018

    What are the General Applications of Steel Srands?

    Galvanized steel strands are usually used for messenger wires, guy wires, core wire reinforcement members, etc., as well as overhead wires (earth wire/ ground wire) and barrier cables on both sides of…

    05-28 2018

    How to Divide the Specification of Household Wire

    With the continuous progress of society, in our daily life, the cables and wires are used in large quantities. The demand for electric wires in the market is increasing, and the specifications and mod…

    05-24 2018

    Selection of Wire and Cable

    When selecting cable, the elements of cable must be determined according to the performance and operating conditions of cable, and the cable should be selected according to the elements.

    05-22 2018

    The Use of Overhead Cables

    The use of overhead cables: overhead cable is a kind of cable construction method that hangs the cable rack on the pole with a certain height from the ground. Compared with the underground cable, alth…

    05-17 2018

    Three Major Advantages of ACSR

    The first advantage of ACSR is that its structure is very simple, so it is also very convenient to use, and it can also be operated by some inexperienced people. This reduces a lot of trouble for peop…

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