The Application Of Power Cable

The Application Of Power Cable

Power cable is a cable used to transmit and distribute electrical energy.Commonly used in urban underground power grid, the outgoing line of power station, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises and underwater transmission lines. In the electric power line,the proportion of the cable is gradually increased.

Power cable is in the power system’s main lines for transmission and distribution high-power electrical energy cable products,including 1-500KV and above a variety of voltage levels, all kinds of insulated power cables.

Power cables used for transmission and distribution systems,the company's production of AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV PVC insulated power cable and 35KV and XLPE power cable,its performance not only conforms to the standard GB1276 and IEC60502 and IEC60840,and has formed a series,is flame retardant, fire-resistant type, cold type and waterproof power cable.

The company's production of fire-resistant power cables is the rated voltage of 0.6 / 1KV copper core cable, can also produce low-smoke halogen-free fire power cables, fire-retardant oxygen-proof fire-resistant power cables, the fire resistance conforms to the standard GB / T12666.6 " Cable fire resistance characteristics test method ". Therefore, series of fire-resistant power cable overall excellent performance and reliable. Waterproof performance of fire-resistant cables in line with IEC502-2 requirements.

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