Standard for Selection and Purchase of Welding Wire

Standard for Selection and Purchase of Welding Wire

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1.Look at the label

The content of the wire certificate issued by the regular manufacturer shall include: 3C certification mark, certification number, model specification, implementation standard, rated voltage, wire length, production date, producer, inspector, factory name, site, fixed telephone, anti-counterfeiting mark Wait. The labels of counterfeit products are often unclear or incompletely printed.

2.Look at the surface

GB wire plastic skin soft and smooth, uniform color. On its surface should also be printed on the product certification of several items, such as: 3c certification logo, authentication number, model, rated voltage, execution standards, plant name, etc. At the same time, the handwriting must be clear and difficult to erase.

3.Try bending

Can take a wire head repeatedly bent by hand, anything that is soft to the touch, good in fatigue resistance, flexible in plastic or rubber, and crack-free on the wire insulation is a superior product. False and inferior wire insulation seems to be very thick, in fact, most are made of recycled plastics, as long as slightly forced extrusion, extrusion will become white, bending 4~6 times there is broken wire phenomenon;

4.Tear insulation

High-quality insulation materials have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility, and can not be easily torn. The false and inferior wire can be torn off by hand;

5.Look at the burning

The insulation layer of the wire has a certain flame retardancy. Peel off a section of insulation, ignite with a lighter, after leaving the open fire can continue to spontaneous combustion is inferior line.

6.Test thickness

Take a section of insulation layer, see whether the section of the insulation layer has visible pores, and whether the core is in the center of the insulation layer. The non-centered one is due to the eccentricity caused by the low process, and the pores indicate that the insulating material used is unqualified. The serious eccentricity is most likely to leak electricity on the thin side, and the pores also affect the compressive strength.

According to the above eight simple verification methods, it is basically possible to identify whether the welding wire is a good quality welding wire product. If you need accurate data, use the appropriate instrument to check the length, diameter, thickness, resistance, withstand voltage and strength of the wire.


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