Single Strand Cable VS Multi-strand Cable

Single Strand Cable VS Multi-strand Cable

First, let's understand the difference between single and multiple strands of wire.

In fact, it is very easy to understand from the literal, each wire of single strand cable is composed of a single thick wire, also known as hard wire; Each wire of multiple strands of wire is a wire made of thin copper wire, also known as soft wire.

Second,is it better to decorate with single strands or multiple strands?

1. Construction: multi-strand wire is easy to be constructed

As a single strand of wire is made of a thick copper wire, relatively more strands, a little hard, so in the construction of the line, relatively difficult to penetrate;and many strands of wire are much easier to wear.

2. Heat dissipation: multi-strand wire has certain advantages in heat dissipation

The multi-strand wire is composed of several fine copper wires. There is a certain gap between the copper wires and the copper wires, so the heat dissipation aspect has certain advantages.

3.Whether easy to oxidize: single strand wire is not easy to oxidize

We can check the multiple wires with long service time. Some copper wires of multi-strand cable have been oxidized and disconnected. In this way, the cross section area of the wires is reduced and the potential safety hazard of electricity utilization is increased. While a single strand of wire, only the surface part will be oxidized, and the middle part will not be oxidized, more durable.

4.Price aspect: single line price is relatively cheap

The multi-strand wire is made up of several fine copper wires, and the process is slightly more complicated, so the cost is a little bit higher, while the price of a single wire is a little bit cheaper.
Through the above analysis, the use of the single-stranded wire has a certain advantage, and from the installation convenience, multi-strand line advantage. Therefore, for the owner, the suggested single-share line, from the installation point of view, more choice of multiple shares.

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