Talking about the Rubber Cable Repairing Method

Talking about the Rubber Cable Repairing Method

Rubber Cable

There are many repair methods for rubber cable. The specific repair methods are described below.

First of all, the equipment.

Small pressure equipment with automatic temperature control, timing and multi-standard tubular cavities.

Second, the rubber.

It is consistent with the wire of the wire to be supplemented, and the amount of rubber content is higher than that of the material to be supplemented, and the vulcanization system is slightly stronger.

Operation method:

1.Set the temperature and time according to the vulcanization system of the rubber compound;

2.Scrub the repairing area with rubber ink thinner, especially the joints should be fully treated;

3.According to the size of the gap, cut the repairing rubber compound, pay attention to not too much or too little;

4.Insert the cut rubber into the gap, and pay attention to the rubber material not to be higher than the circumferential surface of the wire;

5.Wrap it with a high temperature resistant pp tape. And put it into the tubular cavity which is slightly smaller than the wire diameter, and lock the upper and lower die to make the position of the complement have a certain pressure. Note that the cavity diameter is slightly smaller than the wire diameter by 0.1-0.2mm;

6.When the vulcanization time is up, remove the product. If a small amount of rubber is spilled, repair it with a sharp blade and wipe it off with a thinner.
Finally, it is necessary to verify that proper amount of air is pressed into the wire and placed in water to judge whether there is air leakage or not.

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