Quality Evaluation of ACSR Manufacturers

Quality Evaluation of ACSR Manufacturers


Many of the new twisted wire products in the power industry are very important conductive devices and infrastructure to ensure electrical conductivity. In many industries, there is a great demand for stranded products. It is not only a guarantee for people to carry out product technical processing and further production, but also an important material guarantee for extending the service life of electric power transportation systems.

In the current domestic market environment, many new types of Gongyi steel-core aluminum stranded wire manufacturers have gradually emerged, further becoming a new product processing and wholesale base on the market. In the industrial and technological processing environment of the Gongyi area, the latest machine tool strand production and processing technology is integrated, including many new metallization technology applications. The steel core aluminum stranded wire product has further improved its corrosion resistance and elasticity.

With the continuous increase of people's application, more new products are gradually entering the market, and many products with good characteristics and cheap steel-cored aluminum strand have a new innovation in the new product technology processing industry with gongyi as the core.

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