Production Process Requirements for Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Production Process Requirements for Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

The steel core aluminum strand has both the excellent conductivity of aluminum and the superior strength of steel, so its performance is more excellent,the installation conditions are not too limited, the construction is very simple, the maintenance is also very convenient. It is especially suitable for large span cabling. Its mechanical strength is allowed to tighten with great tension. In order to ensure reliable performance and quality, the material selection and processing technology of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire should meet certain standards.

The steel core stranded with the aluminum wire should be galvanized. The galvanization can protect the steel core from being easily oxidized and attached, and will not adhere to the outer aluminum wire, thus affecting the current transmission. Steel and aluminium should be intertwined. The state of the cable stranding should be tight and uniform, so that it does not spread out even if it is cut. No joints are allowed in the middle of cable laying and installation,and steel core aluminum strand production processing, steel core is not allowed to connect in the middle. Aluminum wire can be connected under certain  when it's not long enough to be conditions. The aluminum wire can be joined by welding,but the joints should be smooth, polished and annealed.


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