Problems in the Processing of Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

Problems in the Processing of Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is a new type of cable product that solves many of the problems that existed in power transmission before, so the application is extensive and the demand is increasing day by day. So many manufacturers need to pay attention to many problems when producing a large number of ACSR, so that they can achieve good production efficiency under the premise of ensuring quality. What kind of problems should be paid attention to in the process of producing steel core aluminum stranded wire by Gongyi Shengzhou steel core aluminum stranded wire manufacturer?

First, test the raw materials before production. In the process of testing, we need to remove the unqualified raw materials, so that we can achieve good production efficiency, and in the process of production will not lead to other problems, so that the products produced can also meet the qualified requirements.

Second, in the process of production, it is necessary to pay attention to safety issues, then in the use of the machine before the need to understand the rules of the use of the machine, so as to ensure the production process of the safety of employees.

Third, the final product testing, not all products can meet the requirements of qualified, and  need the special quality inspectors of cable products to conduct strict product quality testing, to ensure that each finished product does not exist in the factory product quality problems.

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