Power Cable Fault Causes And Maintenance Methods

Power Cable Fault Causes And Maintenance Methods

For the design and fabrication process of the terminal head and middle connector, can strengthen the network cable head attachment test, strict control, when stripping sheath, insulation shield layer and semiconductor layer careful operation,polishing the insulate surface thoroughly and clean up,to prevent the impurity particles legacy on the insulation;The humidity of the installation environment remains below 70%.

To make a series of specific provision on cable installation: armoured layer and copper shield must grounding separately,and its cross section is not less than 25 square millimeter;The single-core cable must be grounded at the receiving end,the three-core cable must be grounded at both ends,at the same time to the cable nose do tin plating processing.

In order to prevent the cable damage by external forces,can do it for mechanical parts wear pipe protection and fixed, the middle joint external protection, joint plus fixed protection on both sides; In the construction process, to ensure that the line nose is not twisted by external deformation, if you must do twist treatment, should take measures to make the surface smooth; Construction team in the vicinity of the cable, to increase the eye-catching signs, if necessary, to remind the construction personnel.

Cut the joint: first before cut to check whether there is water and moisture inside the joint, if there is, can not use the blowtorch to cut the joint, because the blowtorch heating to moisture from the connector on both sides toward the cable inside,it is better to use hammer and chop knife cut casing; If there is no moisture and water, can use blowtorch to hot open the lead sets, remove the lead set of dirt, scrape rusty spot, wipe the soldering tin slag, away from the cable joint, prepare for reuse.

Remove moisture: baking method is available. It is to use a blowtorch or charcoal baking, get rid of moisture.

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