The Cause Of Power Cable Fault

The Cause Of Power Cable Fault

1.Insulation aging metamorphism

The insulation of power cable should be subject to the thermal, chemical and mechanical effects that accompany the electric action, so that the insulating medium physical and chemical changes, decrease the insulated level,insulation damp.

2.Cable overheating

3.Mechanical damage

Mainly refers to the external force of cable damage.This is mainly due to the vehicle vibration and other mechanical effects, make the cable shape.

4.Protection layer corrosion

5.Over-voltage caused the breakdown 

Atmospheric over-voltages and internal over-voltages cause the cable insulation to withstand forces that exceed the allowable values and cause breakdown.

6.The design and fabrication process problems of the middle connector and terminal head

When stripping the semiconductor, the inner insulation is damaged or the insulating surface has particles, dust and other impurities; Poor cable head sealing, so that insulation within the moisture, resulting in insulation damp; Cable connector technology is not standard, non-standard sealed, resulting in grounding; Production environment humidity is too large, causing the production part (cable head) insulation damp overall; Cable grounding error, resulting in a ground loop or breakage.

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