Low-voltage XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable

Low-voltage XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable

YJV Power Cable

Low voltage XLPE insulated YJV power cable is one of the common power cables, even now many people say that power cable refers to YJV cable in general. YJV cable, as the backbone cable in power transmission, is like an artery in a human blood vessel, or a trunk of a tree, indicating its important position in power transmission. YJV cables are usually used in underground tunnels (underground manhole covers) or buried underground in cities. Power cables are often broken by construction teams during construction leading to a large area of power outages, that is YJV power cables.

Low-voltage XLPE insulated YJV power cable installation precautions:

1.The cable should be kept at a distance of 2m when installed in parallel with the heat pipe, and should be kept at 0.5m when crossing.

2.The cable must be kept at a distance of 0.5 m when it is installed in parallel or cross-over with other pipes.

3.When the cable is directly buried, the buried depth of 1-35kv cable is not less than 0.7 m.

4.When 10KV and below cables are installed in parallel, the mutual clearance is not less than 0.1m, 10-35KV is not less than 0.25m, and the distance during cross-installation is not less than 0.5m.

5.Cable laying temperature is not lower than 0 ℃, bending radius: multi-core cable ≥ 15 (D + d), single-core cable ≥ 20 (D + d), (D is the cable outer diameter, d is the outer diameter of the conductor).

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