Environmental Protection Cable Will Become The Mainstream Of The Cable Market

Environmental Protection Cable Will Become The Mainstream Of The Cable Market

Conventional cables have quite serious pollution, in the process of manufacture, use and waste disposal process will appear a lot of dioxins,lead, cadmium, halides and other harmful substances.

Environmental protection cable compared with the ordinary cable, there is no problems mentioned  above,it mainly has the following characteristics:
The first is the halogen-free nature of environmentally friendly cables, the quality of the cable can not only play a common cable insulation properties, and it can avoid producing harmful substances when burning.

Second, the characteristics of environmentally friendly cables is a strong flame retardant properties,cable experts say that this feature can prevent the expanding the range of fire when the fire occurred.

Finally, the environmental protection cable on the ultraviolet and water protection features,with this will be to a certain extent, to prevent the cable from being weathered, to a certain extent, will slow down the speed of its aging, prolong the service life of the cable.

So, in general, environmental protection cable has the characteristics of non-toxic and pollution-free for people and environment, high safety and reliability, long service life, easy recycling and recycling of economic environment and other characteristics, which will become the future cable market Mainstream.

These are the related knowledge our Machinery Factory to provide you, and I hope this article helpful to you, and also hope that you are on the road to success.

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