Talking about Cable Shipping Precautions

Talking about Cable Shipping Precautions

Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable manufacturers, producing wire and cable, national standard quality, credit guarantee, high quality and low price. Today we will talk about cable shipping precautions. First, the cable must be inspected before shipment. The cable should be in good condition and the cable end should be tight; The inner and outer ends of the cable and the tubing between the oil-filled cable and the pressure tank should be firmly fixed on the disc to avoid shock and loosening in the course of transportation. The oil supply valve on the pressure tank should be in the open state, the pressure indication is normal; the outside of the cable should be protected to prevent foreign objects from being damaged. If you find a problem, you should handle it before you can load it.

Cable trays are not allowed to load on flat. Lying flat will loose the winding of the cable and easily damage the cable and cable disc.

Secondly, the cable tray is unloaded, if there is no lifting equipment when unloading, it is strictly forbidden to push the cable tray directly from the transporter. Because of the direct push, not only the cable disc is damaged, but also the cable is vulnerable to mechanical damage. For smaller cabling trays,can be planked to form slopes and then pulled by winch or rope to roll slowly down the slope. When loading and unloading cable pallets, it is forbidden to hoist several pallets at the same tim.

Finally, the cable reel must be controlled within a small distance when it rolls on the ground. The direction of the roll must be in the direction indicated on the side of the cable reel (following the cable's tightening direction). If you roll in the opposite direction, the cable will unwind and loosen and fall off.

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